• Cold-resistant: SNO-N-ICE is effective at temperatures down to -21°C (salt down to -8°C).
  • Effective: Once spread, SNO-N-ICE immediately makes walking and driving safer. The effect lasts for around 24 hours thanks to different granule sizes. SNO-N-ICE can therefore be spread the evening before.
  • Effective: SNO-N-ICE adheres better to snow and ice thanks to its flatter granules, especially on slopes and in windy conditions.

  • Value-preserving: Lower corrosion rate on unalloyed steel than with normal road salt (TÜV Nord MPA 18AX01610). This reduces corrosion on steel structures, multi-storey car parks, gritting vehicles, bridges, stair railings, etc.
  • Sustainable: Less cracking and a longer service life for concrete components such as paving or stairs etc. For SNO-N-ICE, less weathering and less liquid absorption than with normal road salt has been proven for frost-resistant concrete (XF4) (TÜV Nord MPA 17AX06630)
  • Compatible: The cation measurement in the eluate test shows no dissolution of limestone within the determination accuracy.
  • User-friendly: Pleasant to spread by hand without gloves, does not attack the hands.
  • Animal-friendly: Gentle on cats' and dogs' paws.

  • Economical: The pink colouring (food colouring) facilitates targeted spreading. Just a few grams per square metre are sufficient. The control colouring disappears some time after spreading.
  • Practical: SNO-N-ICE is ideally suited for manual and machine spreading. SNO-N-ICE is not hygroscopic and does not clump. Stored dry, SNO-N-ICE has an unlimited shelf life.
  • Cost-saving: Less labour required thanks to 24-hour long-lasting effect.



Left: De-icing agent, right: SNO-N-ICE.
Many years of practical use have proven that the corrosion and concrete protection contained in SNO-N-ICE is highly effective. It neutralises the aggressive effect of salt on concrete. In addition, protective additives effectively prevent sanding and chipping.


Left: De-icing agent, right: SNO-N-ICE.
Various tests have proven this: SNO-N-ICE eliminates the rust hazard of salt and has an anti-corrosive effect



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